Why SEO projects fail and What should you consider?

If you are looking for the solution to Why SEO projects fail, here are some causes of the failure of your SEO projects and strategies.

Getting failure in SEO is not a shocking thing because 7 in 10 websites or campaigns can’t achieve their top ranking results as well as not be able to drive traffic to their websites.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and others are updating their algorithms, and data structure, and focusing on AI (Artificial intelligence) )day by day but some SEO experts are still using old-school SEO tactics that may not be the right strategy at this time.

However, below are the most common reasons for the failure of SEO projects, so let’s know which points you must consider.

1. Not having an experienced SEO team

SEO is not a short-term game, it needs teamwork, and only one person with having few years of experience can’t beat a big industry giant website, so having an experienced SEO team is a must in order to make every strategy successful.

There are so many tasks in SEO such as making a website error-free, creating user engaging content, creating backlinks for authority, and so on, so every task needs professionals. So why do you think that one or two people can handle the whole website?

This is the most common reason that every company cannot afford and as a result, they face failure at SEO.

Every SEO project small or big requires at least 3 to 5 people.

2. Too much workload or pressure

Every work or task can be successful if it is done with positivity and a stress-free mind, on the other side it doesn’t matter whatever you did, it’s all a waste of your time if you do your work as a load and stressful.

In this condition, they can’t focus on their KPI points and make projects fail themselves. So it is important to manage all the projects properly and made changes if there requires.

The best way to fix this problem is to make a schedule and keep every detail like how many people will work on which project and when to finish it.

3. The content strategy is too weak

You may hear one sentence a lot of time that content is king, well that is actually true.

You and I all know that content is most important to get a higher ranking on search engines like Google. Without content, you can’t get more traffic, conversions, leads, and sales.

A website without content is just garbage that no one wants to search and store in their browser.

Almost 80% of SEO agencies make the huge mistake of not creating a great content strategy.

In fact, they try to reach out to those content writers who charge 0.30 to 0.50 per word and hope to compete with internationally experienced content writers.

The more you publish unique and quality content to your website, the better your website would be. If you just want the intermediate result of your website, start to publish more content and build topical authority, said Digital Ayan, founder of Frameline institute which provides digital marketing course in Surat.

If you are looking for best content ideas, you should read this guide to get lifestyle content ideas.

4. Poor links and authority

Another reason why SEO projects fail is not making the right kind of backlinks and flowing to the niche relevant authority.

If you are a beginner and learning SEO, you should know this and if you are an expert, you already know that backlinks are one of the most powerful ranking factors to get a top results.

Don’t forget that SEO is the race where everyone wants to win and finish the target, but without adding extra effort, you can’t get your target.

Same like that, everyone publishing content but if you want your site top of the notch, building a backlink is a must.

A study found by Ahrefs that 43.7% of average top results of search engines have some links.

It doesn’t matter how well you are doing, but if you made any shit backlinks mistakenly, be ready to see the loss of your ranking and business.

Therefore, always try to find niche relevant quality backlinks that push ranking up.

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5. SEO takes time to get a mature ranking

Some big things take some time, but due to busy schedules people don’t want to wait to see them succeed and after some time they quiet their journey.

However, as we describe above SEO is a long-term game, and don’t hope to see good results in 1 to 2 months.

Even Isn’t there any shortcut tips which you can add and a miracle does happen? While doing SEO of any website the only thing you can do is work, analyze, change, and wait for a miracle.

The average duration to see the best result of SEO is 6 months to 1 year and it depends on your competition and niche.

The majority of the clients don’t want to wait too long and see their business making money.

Therefore, they can’t agree to invest long-term and in the end, make a plan to get the project back from the agency.

6. Lack of budget

You might agree with this problem and not just you but large SEO companies are also saying that they fail at SEO as clients can’t able to spend 50 percent of their budget on marketing.

You can believe that money is the power wheel of any business and without this main asset how can you think that you can take your business towards success.

However, this is a client-side issue, so you just explain to them how their business can touch the sky if they invest in an SEO campaign.

Remember, working on 1 project with a satisfactory budget is good than working on 5 different projects with a little budget.

7. Poor website analysis

You might even know that an SEO campaign begins with website analysis and audit because without knowing that issue cause for ranking drop or not getting conversions, you can’t make your strategies.

There are many types of analysis you would have to do such as keyword analysis, competition analysis, market analysis, user journey analysis, and lots more.

So be unique, be a perfect analyzer and keep your eyes on your website.


Well, above all are the main causes for why SEO projects fail.

Now it’s your turn to take care of all of the problems and work on them to solve out to make your SEO projects and campaigns successful.

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