Top 10 Home and Auto Insurance Bundles for Every Budget

Are you tired of dealing with many insurance policies and paying too much? Bundling your home and auto insurance can be a simple way out. But with a lot of choices, finding the best bundle for you can be tough. In this guide, we’ll show you the top 10 home and auto insurance bundles. They offer great value, helping you save money and protect your important items.

Key Takeaways

  • Bundling home and auto insurance can lead to significant savings, with an average discount of 18% according to NerdWallet’s analysis.
  • Policyholders who bundle their home and auto coverage can save an average of $466 per year.
  • Leading insurers like Allstate, Farmers, Nationwide, and State Farm offer impressive bundling discounts, ranging from 20% to 25%.
  • Factors like coverage levels, driving record, and credit score can impact the potential savings from bundling.
  • Researching customer service and claims experience is crucial when selecting a home and auto insurance bundle.

Best Home and Auto Insurance Bundles

When you’re looking for great home and auto insurance deals, some top providers really shine. They offer discounts and covering lots of things. These insurers, from the big names to smaller ones, give good options for those who want to save.


Allstate stands out in offering a big bundle discount, up to 25%. They operate all over the U.S. and have many policy options. However, they didn’t do as well in customer satisfaction and claims handling according to J.D. Power. So, it’s wise to look into this if service is a big deal for you.


Farmers gives a nice 20% discount for bundling. They offer a lot of discounts, which could help you save even more. With their local agents, you can get help face-to-face. But, they didn’t score high in the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Home Insurance Study. This means it’s good to check what other customers say before choosing them.


Nationwide can cut your costs by up to 20% when you bundle. Their products are sold by local independent agents in almost every state. But, they didn’t do as well as expected in J.D. Power’s home insurance study. Seeing such different reviews might affect your choice.

State Farm

State Farm is big and gives a big average discount of over $1,000 per year. With high J.D. Power ratings for customer service and claims, they rely on their vast network and online tools. However, they offer fewer policy options compared to some rivals. If you need very specific coverage, this could be a downside.

Bundling Discounts Explained

Bundling insurance means buying different insurance types from one company. This can include home, auto, and RV insurance. One big plus is getting a discount for having more than one policy with them. This helps lower your overall cost of insurance.

Options like car and auto insurance bundle can save you lots. Companies like it when you buy home and auto insurance or car and home insurance from them. They may lower your quotes as a thank you for shopping with them.

By bundling, you can find the cheapest home auto bundle. The best insurance companies for bundling home and auto often create special deals. These can include online home and auto insurance deals.

Savings with bundling can be big, reaching up to 30%. This is for combining your home and auto insurance. The exact discount depends on what you insure, the company, and your risk.

home and auto insurance Providers With Top Bundling Deals

Many insurance companies offer great deals when you bundle home and auto insurance. They give discounts that can save you a lot. Let’s take a look at some of the best deals out there:

American Family

American Family cuts costs up to 23% for those that bundle their home and auto insurance. They have lots of coverage choices and discounts. Yet, they don’t serve all states, so check if they’re in yours.


Amica’s bundle discount goes as high as 30%. This is a big saving for you. They are known for happy customers and very few complaints. Just remember, they don’t cover homes in Alaska or Hawaii, and autos in Hawaii.


Auto-Owners gives a 7% discount for bundling. While this might be less than others, they offer many coverage options and discounts. They sell home and auto insurance in most U.S. states through local agents.

Country Financial

Country Financial is above the national average with a 15% discount. They have lots of satisfied customers but not as many complaints as other big companies. They offer some benefits that others don’t, like new car replacement. But, they don’t cover all states.

The Hanover

The Hanover has two bundles, Platinum and Prestige, with special coverage. The Platinum bundle offers extra protection, like guaranteed home replacement. It’s for serious home/auto bundlers, but they are not available in many states.

Cost Comparison: Bundled vs Separate Policies

Bundling home and auto insurance can lead to big savings, averaging an 18% discount. NerdWallet’s analysis shows customers can save $466 per year this way. They should consider bundling when they shop for insurance.

Here’s how much you can save:

CoverageSeparate PoliciesBundled Policy
Auto Insurance (Full Coverage)$2,630 (Allstate Average)$1,973 (25% Discount)
Homeowners Insurance ($250K Dwelling)$1,340 (Allstate Average)$1,005 (25% Discount)
Total Annual Premium$3,970$2,978

By bundling, you could save $992 every year with Allstate. This is a 25% discount.

Savings will vary based on the best insurance companies for bundling home and auto, plus your unique needs. It’s smart to compare insurance offers. This makes sure you get the best deal for your home and car.

Factors Affecting Bundling Savings

Choosing high coverage for both your home and auto policies can change how much you save by bundling. If you pick larger limits or add extras, you might see a smaller discount. This is because insurers base the bundle discount on the total premiums. So, with higher individual policy costs, your savings might be less.

Driving Record

If you’ve kept a clean driving record with few or no claims, you could get better rates. Insurers give bigger discounts to low-risk drivers when they bundle home and auto insurance. On the flip side, if you have had accidents or tickets, your discounts might not be as big. This is because the risk of insuring you is higher.

Credit Score

Your credit score also plays a part in how much you can save by bundling home and auto insurance. Insurers often look at your credit score to set rates. If you have a high score, you’re more likely to get bigger discounts. But, if your score is low, you might not save as much. You could even pay more overall.

Evaluating Customer Service and Claims Experience

When you’re looking into car and auto insurance bundle, it’s wise to look beyond just the cost. Think about the customer service and how the company handles claims. You should check the company’s J.D. Power ratings and what current customers say. This info can tell you a lot about what to expect. Whether it’s about a cheapest home auto bundle or the best insurance companies for bundling home and auto, insights help.

Claims processing matters a lot. The time it takes to respond, how they communicate, and if they treat people fairly affects satisfaction. Be sure to look at reviews and ratings to find companies that handle claims well.

Also, see what ways you can talk to the insurer, like through phone, chat, or self-service. It’s important that these ways work well, and that the people you talk to are helpful. Good customer service can improve your experience with any car and auto insurance bundle or similar insurance offers a lot.

Pros and Cons of Bundling Home and Auto

Bundling car and auto insurance with home and auto insurance can save you a lot. You might get an 18% discount for having both policies with one insurance provider. This means your costs could go down a significant amount.

You’ll also find it easier with just one bill and one place to manage both policies. And it’s nice working with someone you know for all your insurance needs.

But, be aware that your costs could go up over time. The lower initial price could mean you have less coverage. So, make sure what you’re getting is what you really need.

If you live in a different state, some bundle deals might not be available to you. Keep that in mind when looking for a bundle.

The choice to bundle insurance is up to you and what you care about. Look at different bundle options and compare them closely. Also, check out different companies to see who has the best deal for you.

By doing your research and comparing different quotes, you can find out if bundling is right for you. It’s all about finding the most affordable and best insurance for your home and car.

How to Find the Right Bundle for Your Needs

To find the best home and auto insurance bundle, start by comparing quotes. You can use online quoting tools from many insurers. These tools let you enter your details. Then, they give you costs for combined home and car insurance policies.

Online Quotes

Using online home and auto insurance quotes is simple. It’s a great way to see what coverage fits your budget. By entering your details, you can see costs from various top carriers. This helps you find the perfect best house and car insurance bundle for you.

Local Agents

Don’t forget about speaking to local insurance agents too. They can offer insights specific to your situation. These agents work for companies that sell through local offices. They can guide you to the best insurance companies for bundling home and auto. Plus, they can find you the cheapest home auto bundle that still meets all your needs.

Tips for Maximizing Bundling Discounts

When you bundle home and auto insurance, think about the coverage limits. If your policies have high coverage limits, you might save more when you bundle. The discount you get is usually a percentage of all your combined policy premiums.

Policy Limits

Choosing high coverage limits can boost your premium and bundling discount. But, you need to balance having enough coverage with manageable costs. Chat with your insurance agent to find the right coverage levels for you. This way, you can save the most through bundling.

Remember to check your policy limits from time to time, especially after big life changes. Like if you buy a new house, get married, or have a baby. These events might mean you need to adjust your insurance. It ensures you’re still getting the savings and the right coverage.


What are the best home and auto insurance bundles?

Companies like Allstate, Farmers, Nationwide, and State Farm have top bundles. They offer discounts from 7% to 25% when you combine home and auto policies.

How do bundling discounts work?

Insurance companies give discounts if you buy both home and auto from them. On average, you can save $466 each year with these bundles.

Which insurance companies have the best bundling deals?

For great bundled deals, look at American Family, Amica, Auto-Owners, Country Financial, and The Hanover. They offer discounts from 7% to 30%.

How do coverage levels affect bundling savings?

Your coverage choices on both home and auto impact bundle savings. Those who choose more coverage could see lower savings overall.

How does a driver’s record impact bundling discounts?

If you drive safely and have no or few claims, you might get bigger discounts. But, drivers with accidents or tickets might get smaller ones.

How does credit score affect bundling savings?

Your credit score could affect how much you save by bundling. Higher scores might mean bigger discounts on home and auto insurance.

What factors should I consider when evaluating customer service and claims experience for bundled policies?

Look into an insurer’s service and claim records. Check J.D. Power ratings, complaints, and what other policyholders say.

What are the pros and cons of bundling home and auto insurance?

Bundling saves money, makes billing easier, and is convenient. But, options for coverage could be less. You also have to do more research.

How can I find the best home and auto insurance bundle for my needs?

To find the best bundle, compare quotes from many providers. Look online and talk to local insurance agents for advice.

How can I maximize my bundling discounts?

To get the most from bundles, choose your coverage and endorsements carefully. This can help keep your costs down.