Best Lifestyle Content Ideas for Instagram

If you want to start your social media journey and build branding for your business, here you will get the best lifestyle content ideas for Instagram.

Even, on Instagram, the lifestyle niche is super hard to start with, as there are lots of people, celebrities, and influencers are already posting influencing content and videos.

So in this competition niche, how do you can scale your content ideas and engage with more audience through your content.

Don’t worry here you will get the free Instagram content ideas for lifestyle bloggers that will help to grow followers and build strong brand.

This guide contains some amazing and unique ideas with proper examples and all the answers that beginner often ask.

Let’s dive in deeper,

First of all, taking inspiration to start anything is the best thing, without inspiration you can’ win the race.
Here you will get the best inspiration or reference for your content ideas.

Where to find lifestyle topic ideas?

When you’re a regular blogger, you need to come up with creative ideas to give your readers new content with consistency.

Listed below are the most useful places for content creators, here creators can get their niche-related useful ideas, even the best answers to questions.


Quora is the question answer (Q/A) platform, where everyone can post their question and get related answers.  In this form you can find your target audience.

For example, here most of people ask their lifestyle related question, and eventually you can get hundreds of ideas to share on Instagram.


It is another popular social media platform, there you can get unique ideas and inspiration to create best content.

Other Influencers

This is one of the best to do for bloggers. Simply find best Influencers relating your niche and watch what are they publishing and how they building their audience base.

You can follow them and find new interesting content ideas for social media including Instagram and Facebook.

Best Lifestyle content ideas to post on Instagram

Let’s unfold the best lifestyle topic to share about…

Make a notepad file or spreadsheet and write down your favorite topic with a time to post.

1. How to live batter life

2. How to live luxuries life

3. What changes we should bring in our lifestyle

4. Best food for healthy life

5. Musics to listen

6. How to live with low budget

7. Money saving idea

8. Best place to wander in life

9. How to think positive

 10. How to remove negative thoughts in our mind

Before sharing other unique ideas, let me show you one thing that only posting unique content will not help you to get success, you need to engage with your followers and solve their doubts.

It will take you higher on the top of the influencing list.

11. How to choose right girls

12. How to look like professional

13. How to choose right life partner

14. How to look attractive

15. Best hairstyle for boys

16. Best hairstyle for girls

17. Which type of clothes we should wear

18. Planning to build batter future

19. How to get more confidence

20. Best photography poses for boys and girls

21. Best gifts to give your partner

22. Review a recent adventure

23. How to take care of expenses

24. Best books to read

25. Create healthy daily routine

26. How to give perfect advice

27. How to collaborate with other people

28. Best night routine

29. What habits to follow

30. How to be successful

31. Post how to edit photos and videos

32. How to make good friends

Above all are the best lifestyle related Instagram content ideas for beginner and influencers to post about.

One thing keep in mind that always get feedback from your users, because it will help to understand what your users actually want and how you are doing?

Many Influacer want to build their personal brand and we have the best content ideas for them, look at them.

Personal Instagram post ideas

33. Introduce yourself in front of your audience

34. Show them your lifestyle

35. Show what you are doing

36. Introduce your family

37. Tell about your problems

38. Shoot your adventure

39. What you do in your daily routine

40. What exercise your do

41. Your diet plan

42. Get interviewed with other influencers

43. Show them your skills

44. Celebrate your birthday and anniversary

45. Create a tutorials

46. Meet personally your fans

47. Help your fans to solve problems

48. Best games which you play the most

49. Say about how was your journey

50. Show your future planning

51. Provide the latest news and updates

52. Post comedy content to entertain your followers

And lots of personal things which you can apply to engage with your target audience, you just need to choose the right topic to start.

There are most people are already doing on social media, from them you can get an advice and inspiration.

Now if you have chosen any of the best topic ideas, the next step is how to expose the idea.

Let’s know what equipment you should have to present your content ideas in a creative way.

What do you need to post on Instagram effectively?

In order to get more followers and building own brand, you need to invest in some tools and equipment to show your content creatively.

  • Every aspiring influencer or blogger should have the high-quality camera to shoot videos or photos
  • There should have editing software like adobe Photoshop and lightroom, even good skills in animation.
  • Tripod for video quality


I hope you have found a valuable topic for your journey from these 52 lifestyle content ideas for Instagram

And these types of content can be created by anyone.

Building an excellent brand and audience base is the best thing to do with social media and in this digital era, Instagram is the best social platform where you can engage with your audience.

Create awesome content on showed above topics and start building your social Influencer journey.
Listed below are the questions which people often ask, have a look at them.

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Should you post on Instagram every day?

Yes, If you post your content on Instagram, constancy plays a major role to build a strong following and engage with users.

Make a proper schedule of your topics and start to work on them.

Should I start posting content on social media in 2022?

Yes, there isn’t too late to start anything. You should start right now to post amazing content on social media for your audience

Does the Lifestyle niche is best?

Yes, everyone wants to live a better lifestyle and you can help them to improve their lifestyle. So lifestyle niche is best for beginners if they want to start.

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