Price Chopper Direct Connect Login

If you are an employee of Price Chopper Portal and looking for Price Chopper Direct Connect login detail, then this guide will help you can login into Price Chopper Direct Connect site.

Most of employees can’t get recently updates related company’s work and environment, so for that this online portal site has been made by Price Chopper for its users or employees.

Here you can easily manage your profile and get all work related details just by logging into account. It is also known as Price Chopper Employee Login.

Read further to get accessing details

How to login into Price Chopper Direct Connect Account?

Price Chopper Direct Connect my portal is created for an employee purpose to get working details, news and company updates of Price Chopper.

If you have joined this organization recently, you don’t need to register; otherwise, you have to do.

Price Chopper Direct Connect registration process

  • Open your web browser in your mobile and click on this link
  • Click on login button from the top bar
  • Apply your unique Price Chopper ID or username (ID given by your company)
  • Enter Password
  • Then click on submit button
  • Now you will be redirected into PCDC dashboard or account.
price chopper direct connect login form

NOTE:- This portal is made for company’s use not for others, so any other persons can’t sign up into portal

Benefits of Direct Connect Portal Login

There are many benefits of Price Chopper Direct Connect registration such as,

  • Employees can manage their all works and tasks easily
  • They can check shifting schedules
  • They can see progress, promotions and monthly report
  • Apply for leave online
  • Communicate with other persons

The main benefit of it is you can easily manage employee profile through internet. You can get all these futures just by sign in into portal.

How to reset the Price Chopper account password?

If you have forgotten your password and still want to login into your account then follow below steps:

  1. Open this link in your web browser
  2. Click on user management option from top bar
  3. Click on reset password
  4. Enter your PCDC user ID.
  5. Follow all resetting password instructions given front of your screen
PCDC reset password form

How to change existing password?

If you want to change your existing password and adding new strong password then follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Price Chopper’s official website

Step 2:- Click on user management button then you will show pop-up, click on change password link.

Step 3:- Now you have fill up four details such as adding PCDC user unique ID, old password and new password tow times for confirmation.

Step 4:- At the end click on submit button and now you have successfully changed your old password.

How to login through Single Sign On (SSO)

A Price Chopper Single Sign-On login is also available where its employees and staff can log in through the given PCDC unique id or email address.

  • Click on this link and open the official SSO portal
  • Enter your username or ID
  • Then enter your password
  • Click on login button

About Price Chopper Portal

Price Chopper is Supermarket founded in 1932 by Bin Golub that sells groceries, dairy and bakery products in United States.

Price Chopper has own 131 stores operated in New York, England and Pennsylvania that has partnered with Instakart to provide delivery services at the customer door.

Contact Information

If you have any type of queries or questions in order to you got error while activating your account, contact Price Chopper support team by following these method:


You can also contact its customer care team; there you can ask about your doubts.

Customer support information:-

Can I Download price chopper direct connect mobile app?

No, there is not published Price Chopper Direct Connect mobile app on any platform for single sign on; therefore, you can’t download application.

If you want to manage your account, then you required to login through weblink or its official site.


So this is all about how you can do Price Chopper Direct Connect login and other complete information like how it will be beneficial for employees.

Login process is so simple, just follow above steps carefully.

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