How to Use Instagram Collab Posts To Grow Organically

Let me introduce one of the best features of Instagram that will not just help with growth but level up your social media strategy too.

That is Instagram Collab post feature.

Uploading Instagram Collab posts is one of the best way to expand your content reach, get quality followers, boost engagement rate, sales, and a lot more than you ever expected.

Yes, I’m not kidding with you. Many content creators have used this feature to reach more users and now it’s become one of their best strategies for IG growth.

Growing up on Instagram has never been easier. Before releasing this feature people were used to tagging people in the post or captions but mostly chances were your content goes unseen by followers.

But now forget this problem. If you’re a content creator or social media marketer and looking for a way that makes your account stand out from the crowd, then you must try this feature out.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Instagram Collab Posts with other creators and leverage more benefits from it as much as you can.

What is an Instagram Collab post?

Simply put, Instagram Collab post is a recently launched feature that allows two users to post the same post together to their profile grid. So they can get in the eye of each other’s followers.

This feature was launched successfully in June 2021 and every small and big creator and influencer can use it.

Basically, this feature allows you to be a co-author of other’s content whether it’s image posts or reels.

The original creator of the content can tag another creator and invite them as collaborators. On other side nnother creator also has the authority to accept and deny that invitation.

After accepting a request, the post will be shared in both creators’ profiles, and even likes and comments will also be shared by both accounts.

Don’t worry this process won’t be recognized as copy content. Feel free to use this functionality.

Note:- As of now this feature is not available on Instagram stories and live streams so you only can tag collaborators for feed and reel sections.

Benefits of Using Instagram Collab Post Feature

Instagram is the best social media channel for those who want to grow their business, earn money online, and create a personal brand.

Then using each and every feature of Instagram can benefit you a long way. Posting a reel, uploading stories daily, and creating a carousel and single post can help you create your own identity, get leads and build a network.

Just like that, this collab feature will help you take your profile to the next level and it also makes your Instagram profile efficient and professional.

Here are some exclusive benefits of using this Collab post feature on Instagram.

1. Expands your reach

The more your posts get reached the most users, the higher engagement they’ll get. Collaborating with the same creator in your niche helps you get quality followers.

For instance, if you collaborate with other creators whose niche is about social media marketing, then your content will go to their follower’s home feed and as a result, your post will get more impressions and potential followers.

Importantly, you don’t have to pay for active features so It’s going to be a game-changing strategy for you if you are a beginner on IG.

2. Creates your brand

If your content partner has a decent amount of trusted followers, they’ll likely trust you too. Right!

Collaborating isn’t mean both creators are sharing content but both are keeping trust and recommending each other.

So you also can create your brand identity in front of an audience.

3. More profile visits

If more people see your post, more likely they will try to visit your profile and browse more content.

As a result higher engagement, more leads, and more sales.

4. Unlock sponsorship opportunity

Sharing the same post between two audiences can increase the chances of getting more likes and comments. even helping you get brand deals on Instagram that pay you money.

But only would happen when any brand thinks you will be the right candidate for promotion.

How to create Collab posts on Instagram with other creators

I hope you’d understood everything about this collab feature, now it’s time to show you next step is that how you can create Collab posts with other creator your niche.

It is easy to use, just follow these simple steps.

  1. To leverage this feature first you have to upload your feed post or reel and then click on the tag a people tab located just below the caption section.
  2. After clicking on that tab you will be given two option. First is add tag and invite collaborator.
  3. Choose second option and type a username you want to collaborate with.
  4. It’s done now save the post and wait until your partner accept your collaboration request.
  5. Once they accept your request, the post will appear on both the accounts

Note:- If the original author of the post delete that post in the future, it will also be deleted from the collaborator’s account.

How to Accept an Instagram Collab Request

In case you get a Collab Post request from someone, you should also know how to accept requests to be allowed posts share to both of the accounts.

Follow these two simple steps, first when someone will invite you to collaborate in image posts or reels, you’ll be notified through DMs.

If you see that type of request, simply click on accept button.

BOOM, you successfully launched your first Collab posts on Instagram.

Examples of Instagram Collab Posts and Reels

Take a look at few of examples how all sized creators and businesses are using this exclusive feature of Instagram.

Collab posts with brands

If brands want to improve their visibility and gain users’ trust, brand partnership or collaboration is one of the best strategies they can use.

And that’s why as brand and @thewanderlustmobement created Collab post with each other. You can see below image how these brands are leveraging this feature.

Brand Collab post

Promotional Collab posts

Now influencers and brands also using this feature for promotion purpose.

For instance, you can see below, how this person promoting this brand’s product through reels.

Promotional Collab posts through reels

Best ways to use IG Collab posts with someone

Now we have moved down to the main intent of this article which is how you can Collab posts for the best results.

1. Promotion with influencers

For any marketer or biz owners influencer marketing would be the one of their key strategy get their business promote through social media.

The report suggests, In the USA alone influencer marketing expenditure is projected to reach $4.6 billion. 

So you can think how big this industry is? Getting collab or partnership with any influencer who has good amount of followers can take your business or branding to the next level.

You can easily find influencer that suit to your business using any online platform and ask them for Collab posts.

We’ve also covered detail about how you can introduce your business on social media, go and check it out.

2. Creator partnership

Making a collab post with your favorite content creator in your niche would be the best opportunity for you to get some followers from that creator you are collaborating with.

Simply, reach out to the creator you want and give them an offer about collaboration.

No one would avoid this offer because it also shows how mostly you’re active on this platform and how well you are representing your content in front of users.

3. Launch products or updates

Social media channels including Instagram also work as news platforms and mediums to quickly spread information.

If you are launching a new product or have the latest updates and want to make them viral, create a Collab post with other creators, brands, and your friends

Wrapping up

This is all about how to use Instagram Collab posts for your personal or business growth. We also shared every step about how to invite people to be collaborators or accept requests along with some amazing ideas to make collaborative posts.

It doesn’t matter if you are an organization, individual, or influencer, this feature allows you to reach more users, get more views, boost engagement, and more benefits that you never think of.

Have more questions?

1. Why can’t I access a Collab post feature on Instagram?

Finding a collab post feature is too easy but if you can’t able to find this one then make sure you are using the latest or updated version of Instagram.

If you still facing this issue even after updating Instagram from the app store or play store then take support from the help center of Instagram.

But this would happen in rare cases, so don’t worry.

2. Difference between Instagram Collab posts and tag person feature

When you tag a person in your post, your post just shows to those people feel who are following a person you tagged. But the post won’t be shared on both of your feeds.

On another side, when you invite collaborators to your post, the post or reels, comments, and likes will be distributed to the creator’s accounts.