How to get brand deals on Instagram

Almost every small and medium-sized influencers often think about how to get brand deals on Instagram even with having few decent followers.

Earning money using Instagram and other social media channels is one of the best and smartest ways that anybody wants to know.

But one thing we should also mention is that it’s not as easy as eating a pizza in two minutes. It takes months and years full of consistency to make this dream true.

There was a time when no way existed to earn money just by posting pictures and videos on the platform, but now people are making a high amount of money from getting brand deals by just promoting it on Instagram through pictures and video reels.

Yes, you heard it right and you also can do it too but the question still remains how you can get paid brand deals or sponsorship from the big or small brands that pay you a decent amount?

But before diving into the main thing, we should know some basic information that may be helpful for you to make your next social media influencing journey successful.

Why you need brand deals on Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social media channels with over 2 billion active users worldwide and the first go-to platform for every small and big company to market and promotes their products and services 

If you have a unique skill, content ideas, and something that makes you different from others, you can just share it via this platform and if people like your content and found you as a helpful source, they will follow and engage with you.

Well, if you are popular in your niche and have a good following list, you can earn a good amount of money per post on Instagram.

Just like this influencer posts about health and beauty tips that are helping millions of people to improve their overall health and getting paid deals from well-established brands to promote products on their profile.

If you have lots of followers, you should monetize your Instagram by dealing with brands, selling your own products, advertising, and lots of other things.

13 steps to get brand deals on Instagram

Let’s break down each of the steps.

1. Define your niche

The first thing you should do before starting your social media journey is to define your niche clearly and the core topics to post about.

Generally, people don’t follow any strangers on Instagram and brands don’t give sponsorship to any newbie creators, they need a reason to do that. 

If you have expertise in any kind of field like marketing, health, technology, beauty, and wellness, you should choose it wisely as your niche and start making unique content around the targeted niche.

When you post your content with consistency and engage with your followers, brands would like to collab with you and give you sponsorship offers.

2. Optimize your Instagram profile properly

The first impression is the last impression and that does matter a lot.

What would happen when the marketing manager of any brand visits your profile and you didn’t optimize your Instagram profile properly? 

Simply, they will not find your proper details like name, email ID, portfolio link, and anything else, and they would exit your profile or won’t contact you.

It seems to be a very small thing but the most important to consider. The example given below is the profile of famous influencers of Marketing Gharry who have optimized their profile properly and looks pretty well.

Optimized Instagram profile

In the image above you can see that he has described himself very well in his bio, chosen related categories, kept an attractive profile picture, and post engaging content.

You can explore more content creators’ profiles in your niche and research their strategies so you can use them for your success.

Never forget to add a good bio that defines you and your work, your contact details, and a portfolio link.

3. Find content ideas that solve user’s problems

Now we’ve come up with the most important thing which is content ideas. Users and brands never interact with you but interact with your content instead.

If you come up with the most useful content that helps users to solve their problems, they will follow you to get more information in the future. And when you build a good audience base, the brand will automatically offer you a sponsorship if you are engaging with their targeted audience.

Quality over quantity does matter, so never compromise your content.

You can also create a content calendar with outlines so you can post month-wise content continually

4. Keep consistency

You may have heard this line that every great thing takes time, effort, and most importantly consistency. When it comes to the social media journey, consistency is the key to growing the profile and gaining followers.

Your consistency in posting high-quality content on Instagram indicates to users how much informative source you are and how would you be helpful to them.

When users come to your feed and see lots of content across your niche, there will be a chance for you to gain their trust and get one more follower.

So never stop to post your content and don’t wait for the result, stay focused on your work and keep consistency.

That’s the main rule you have to follow before starting your Instagram journey and acquiring brand deals.

5. leverage hashtags

If you search social media growth practice, you will find one strategy common among all results which are hashtags.

Basically, including content-related hashtags can increase the reach of your post or content and your chances to get more followers.

There are so many tools available to find the right kind of hashtags online.

Once you include a specific brand’s hashtags in your post, they will see your content and find you as a source for their product promotion.

6. Be honest with users

Honesty and trust are the key points in every business. No matter what are you doing to be famous but if you ever break the trust of the users they’ve kept in you, you never be an inspiration again for them.

Although the sponsorship program requires you to be authentic and realistic. Always show them what you’re doing and how’re you doing that.

If you feel like this product is the worst for users, tell them or don’t take sponsorship of that company. This approach will make you a true inspiration for everybody one day.

So neither choose the wrong product to promote nor choose a brand deals that can be harmful to users.

Users are the main reason behind your growth, so never let them disappoint.

7. Build a large audience and engage with them

more followers will engage with your content, the better you would get the opportunities to get sponsorship to earn a good amount of money.

Remember, big brands only reach out to those influencers, who have a large audience base, so their product can be watched by lots of people and generate a good amount of sales.

But experts say that having a few good amounts of engaging followers is better than having a large amount of fake and bot followers.

So your focus should be on gaining real followers instead of earning just bot followers.

8. Mention or tag brands on your posts

Tagging a brand into your post plays a vital role to get noticed in the eyes of brands. Don’t stop posting content through photos and videos until a brand visits your profile you want to work with.

For example, if you are into a sports niche, don’t be curious to tag giant brands like Puma and Adidas,  start to collaborate with small or local brands. So you can have more chances to get quality brand deals.

The benefit of tagging a targeted brand will not just help you get brand deals on Instagram but also help you get followers that are following a brand you have tagged in your post.

9. Reach out to brands manually

Sometimes, reaching a brand directly through sending mail and direct message (DM) about contributions or sponsorship.

It shows brands how much you are serious about your work and how smoothly you are communicating with them.

One thing keeps in mind is that never ever hesitate to communicate with others and build a network as it will help you unlock hidden opportunities in the future.

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10. Connect with Influencer Marketing Agencies

There are so many ways to reach out to brands for sponsorships but one of the best ways for new influencers is to connect with an influencer marketing agency as they will help you get leads of famous brands.

Aspire IQ, and Whala are the most popular influencer marketing agencies that provide brands with great influencers that are related to their product category and help to get high-paid brand deals to the influencers.

So what’s stopping you to open up an account on these platforms, get an account, and be ready to get brand deals on Instagram?

11. Collaborate with other influencers

As we said earlier building a network with people plays a vital role to get deals from the brands. Collaborating with micro-influencers in the same niche as yours will help you extend your reach and chance to get followers of them.

It also helps you come into the eye of brand advertising managers so they can offer you the good deal that you ever want.

You can directly DM the influencers in your niche and make a reel or talk in the live video call with each other

12. Join the Instagram partnership program

Good news for new influencers, Instagram recently launched its new feature called the Instagram partnership program. Which is really helpful for those who want to start a social media journey.

On this creator marketplace, a group of creators and brands would test new features that connect new creators with brands for branded content partnerships, which would happen directly within an app.

Here you will get three options Join the creator’s marketplace, get noticed for your interest and last which is spot new opportunities easily.

After joining this program, you will be noticed in the eye of big brands, and brands reach out to you directly.

So what’s stopping you to leverage this opportunity, try this out!

13. Decide your fees

Now you got there where brands decide whether they should offer you a deal or not.

which are called fees or charges that you take for promotion.

The amount of fees depends on the number of your followers, the niche you are working in, and the trust level in the community.

For example, if your niche is about finance, loan, and insurance, chances are you will be getting high-paying deals and on the side, if your niche is about food and entertainment, chances are you would get brand deals from little brands.

Usually, small and medium social influencers charge 300$ to 500$ for putting a post, reels, and stories as per discussed timeline.

If any brand doesn’t agree with your worth, you can negotiate with them and keep the optimal charge.

But never keep your fees high and too low, keep them to industry standards base.

Which things to consider for getting brand deals?

We have discussed all the necessary steps that you need to follow in order to get paid brand deals using the Instagram platform.

But there are also some quiet things out there that you also have to consider such as:

  • Decided your goals
  • Which content to post
  • Build your own portfolio
  • How to engage with users
  • How to pitch brands
  • Get your media kit
  • Your promotion charges
  • And a lot more that you need

These things will make you the best influencer in your industry.

And yes most importantly, never lose hope. If you wouldn’t get success at the beginning, don’t worry try again and again.

It’s the journey, not a game, so you have to always keep going.


We hope that you would have understood everything about how to get brand deals on Instagram and how to generate a big amount of money.

And as we said in the above paragraph that pitching a brand and getting sponsorship is not an overnight process, it takes time, patience, talent, and consistency.

The more you’ll provide content, the better result you’ll get. That’s the key point you should always keep in your mind.


1. How many followers do you need to get brand deals on Instagram?

There are no specific criteria for the number of followers to have in order to get a brand deal on Instagram. You can even get good deals with hundreds and thousands of followers.

Only two things matter the user’s trust and your content. Few genuine and loyal followers are better than thousands of fake followers.

2. How much money can I earn from brand deals?

We can’t tell you the exact amount of money you can earn by getting brand deals from Instagram but yes, if you get a minimum of 5 deals in the month, there is a chance for you to earn 1500 to 2000 dollars per month.

There is no limitation for you.

3. How do you get content Ideas to post?

Finding new content ideas and getting engagement on the post isn’t a simple and easy thing It takes in-depth research, guidance, and hard work.

There are loads of other social media platforms which you can use to find content ideas for reels and stories.

We’ve covered 50+ content ideas for lifestyle influencers to post on Instagram feeds, you can check it out.

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