Should I Use a Resume Template or Not?

The first impression is the last impression, that’s why people always try to make the best resume in order to get a suitable job for them.

Wherever you go for the interview, the interviewer would always check your skills, experience, previous company, and education in your resume.

Some people think should I use a resume template to build an awesome resume that makes a unique impression in the reader’s mind.

Don’t worry here you will get the full answer to your question, so read forward.

Before we decide whether a resume template is best for job seekers, we need to break down its benefits.

Benefits of Resume Templates

1. Save your time

Ready-made resume templates can save you lots of time because most people use their worthy time in choosing resume colors, layouts, fonts, design, etc.

This is not as easy as you think, so this is the most important benefit of a resume template.

Using a ready-made template, you just need to do some edits like adding your personal information and photo.

Rest of the things you could keep as it is.

2. looks professional

People always try to do their best but due to a lack of experience in designing, they make the worst design for a resume.

Online resume templates contain modern designs such as

  • Filling round shapes in skills
  • Awesome typography
  • Attractive colors
  • Social icons
  • Soft skill section and more.

These things can make an awesome resume template that helps job seekers to create their own unique image than others.

Different industries have different templates and examples, you just need to choose right according to them.

Let’s look at another benefit

3. Get more options to create the first impression

We as humans implement things that we learn and see from others.Therefore, different people have different and unique mindsets.

People who are making a resume for the first time, get stuck between choosing the design and adding information.

Using resume templates you can leverage their unique designs and sections without putting in an extra effort which helps you to create an awesome impression.

You can see in the example below.

unique designs and section of resume templates

As you can see in the ready-made templates you get an attractive design to showcase your skills and language. 

It looks like water has been filled in an empty bottle according to percentage.

There are different designing resume templates available for different industries such as,

  • Marketing
  • Product manager
  • Engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Business analyst
  • Business development executive
  • And more

You can choose any template regarding your industry.

These are the major benefits of using resume templates to send it out directly to recruiters.

So after analyzing the things, let’s answer your question which is,

Should I Use a Resume Template?

According to resume Statistics 2022, around 77% of job seekers use a two page resume template which contains all required information that recruiters want to see.

The answer is clear: Yes, you should use a ready-made resume template to get your desired job.

But in my point of view, don’t use these templates directly, you should edit some basic things like adding extra sections to make it more unique. If you want, you can also make changes in design, layouts, and fonts.

Add your own idea and make it awesome that no one has done.

Remember your skills and experience are important, no one cares about how you made the resume and what it looks like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use a Resume Builders?

There are plenty of resume builders available online from which some are paid and some are free to use.

But using these resume builders there is a chance your application will be rejected because your resume’s details would be the same as other candidates.

Hence, you should create a resume in your own way instead of using any resume builders.

Where can I get free resume templates?

Most online sites are providing free resume templates, you just need to edit them as per your need.

You can get free resume templates on freepik, Canva and other resume portals.

But these templates are publicly open and anyone can use them, so there will be chances to get the same resume from someone else.

What information should I include in my resume?

As much as you add information to your resume, the more beneficial it will be for you.

However, the following information you must add in your resume.

  1. Personal information
  2. Contact information
  3. Experience
  4. Previous company detail
  5. Education
  6. Skills and soft skills

You can also add more as per your requirement but above maintained all information is must.


This is all about whether should I use a resume template or not?

We hope that you got your answer completely, but still, you are wandering and have any doubt in your mind, don’t worry just ask in the comment below.

Share your thoughts about it.

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